What are the advantages?



People will occasionally ask, “Why should I include Faux or decorative painting in my decorating plan? What’s wrong with just wallpaper or plain paint?

There are several reasons you may want to consider decorative painting. Here are six.

It's timeless
Decorative painting is always in-style. Most decorative wall finishes, such as Venetian plaster, soft-subtle glazes, or embossed textures are classic in their look. Like the beauty of a French chateau or Italian cottage, they are timeless. Wallpaper, on the other hand, will date your home. Put up wallpaper today and ten years from now you’ll be left with ten-year-old wallpaper. Hire a quality decorative artist and ten years from now you’ll have walls that continue to reflect beauty, grace and style.

It saves redecorating expense
Decorative painting is not cheap, but it’s a tremendous value. Why? Because the classic look endures. Too often, people redecorate over and over again as they chase the latest decorating fad. As their décor constantly goes out of style, they spend like crazy trying to catch up. It doesn’t have to be that way. With a decorative finish, you still may want to change your furniture in a few years, but you’ll never dream of painting over your walls. Has the Sistine Chapel ever been repainted because the colors weren’t right? Of course not. If you’re tired of expensive and constant decorating, do it right this time with quality decorative painting. You’ll enjoy your surroundings and, in the long run, you’ll spend a lot less.

It's unique
While my decorative finishes may be classic in their look, I understand that your home is individual. As such, each wall finish is custom matched to the homeowner‘s style, color, and décor. All of my products are custom mixed. This means the combination of colors and textures is virtually endless assuring your walls will never look like those of your neighbors. Also, the products I use are not available at HomeDepot or any other hardware store. You can rest assured you won’t see your wall finish on the latest home makeover channel. My motto is—always stunning, always individual.

It increases the value of your home
Decorative painting will increase the value of your home as it adds warmth, style and ambience—something plain paint or wallpaper simply can’t touch. You’ll get a finish that’s unique and exceptionally beautiful—what’s a better value than that?

It's durable and patchable
The products I use to create my fabulous decorative finishes are more durable than paint. They won’t fade and are designed to last a lifetime. They also hide unsightly fingerprints children leave behind. And if an accident happens and a hole gets knocked into your wall—it’s not a problem. Unlike wallpaper that always shows a seam, most decorative finishes can be patched to be undetectable. It’s like it never happened.

It adds ambiance
I’ve mentioned several advantages of adding decorative painting to your home or office. One of the most important reasons, however, is that custom finishes create the perfect ambiance. I believe your surroundings, the place you spend so many hours of your life, should contribute to your well being, not detract from it. Add a fabulous finish to your walls and you’ll be surprised at the warmth it will bring into your room. Decorative painting makes your home a backdrop for everything else inside. It’s been said that we should spend money on the places where we spend our time. That means, buy a great mattress, and add decorative painting to you walls. Trust me, it’s good advice.